Soul and authenticity can be lost in this era of modernity, 20 year old artist Sky Renee, brings spirit back to music. Inspired by the 70s, her music contains insightful yet simple lyricism combined with funky undertones and rhythm that will both make you dance and spark your mind.

As a Health promotion major at USC and Pre-Med, Sky has a perspective that has developed from understanding the world in its greater form, her introspectiveness adds a unique quality to her music and presence. Yet, she still has a vibrant and bubbly personality that shines through her body of work.

She possesses the ability to let go and have fun on stage and in her songs, while sill maintaining a thoughtful outlook on life. Additionally the relatability of her character and her positive demeanor allows her to connect with her fans on a lasting level.

With the help of industry veteran vocal coach, Ron Anderson and Grammy Award winning producers such as Greg Penny and duo Robert “Storm” Daniels and Eric Jackson, Sky has been working towards something.

Her first single “Good as Gone”, a catchy pop - soul tune, received heaps of praise and up to 300,000 streams. The music video for the song, directed by Tony Minas received over 1,300,000 views on You Tube and caused her to grow a steady fan base.

After working on personal growth and sound development, Sky is back and has mastered crafting her voice and sound to create truly remarkable and new music. “In my Life” offers a chance at understanding the change in perspective as Sky has grown into a more aware and comprehensive individual. Searching for something new, she finds a deeper awareness within her own self.