My heart is in a place, where

I can’t look at someones face

without the thought of you crossing my mind.

and every time I try to breath, 

remind myself to think positively,

a shred of doubt enters my mind. 

You’re all I ever wanted 

and all I can do is wait, 

til you decide to come see me. 

because i don’t want to be put in a position, 

where I keep reaching out,

diving deeper into you -

and finding out it's empty. 

Rather I’m left empty,

empty because I have no one to love, 

and I've given all the love I had for myself to you. 

With no one to fill me up 

will I loose faith in luck? 

feeling uninspired to see truth. 

Keep thinking I’ve been here before, 

heard the cars roar by 

and cried at the table with my coffee -

As jazz floats high above me - 

a somber saxophone, 

with a meloncholy tone, 

speaks the language of my soul. 

I’d like to think there is some meaning 

to the rhythms of my life, 

there is some weight to my actions. 

But then that places to much pressure 

on what I say and do 

and I loose faith in you,

because of something I've done

i think you’ll disapprove of. 

I can’t live my life 

carried by the waves 

hoping ill be saved 

by your island in the sea

I can’t spend my days

carried by the waves 

when I could rescue me.