Rewiring your brain

Thinking is weird. The idea that we can live in our heads without anyone knowing what we are dwelling on. We have internal conversations, that can either fuel us or bring us down. Behind every action we have the ability to think about what we are going to do, set precedence and choose something that is good for us. Often times what leads me down a circle of negative choices is not taking the time to think, and even if I do, I am often limited in my decision making because I lack the strength to choose what is best for me. I convince myself “it’s ok to take a break”, “one cigarette won’t kill you” “you don’t need a snack right now”. How come even when we know what the best decision is we often choose otherwise? I believe this comes from a place of self doubt and insecurity, where we can be easily persuaded to choose the more tempting path. Let’s be honest, food tastes good, being lazy is a thing and anyone that smokes understands the tempting sensation of a cigarette (especially when your drunk). Maybe that's it right there - when are minds are inhibited we choose the more tempting behavior.

The trick towards any positive day is setting the conversation of thought to go in a way that enhances your behavior, that gives you the confidence in your ability to create and get things done. Our minds can be inhibited by negative thoughts the same way it can be inhibited by alcohol.

I did a cycling class yesterday and I know most people hate the gimmicky self love messages they yell at you to keep you going, I thrive on them. I swear everytime, I realize more stuff about myself and the rest of the day I carry that “can do” positive attitude with me. I’m thinking that’s the trick - wake up and tell yourself for 5 minutes how great you are - wire your brain to start thinking, “you CAN do it”, “you are doing great”. Give yourself the love and pep talk you deserve - one day you won’t need to anymore and that’s will just be how your brain works. I believe in you and trust me everything will change once you believe in yourself.

Sky Renee